Workforce and Skills

Richmondshire is unique in its workforce offer- having a flexible and skilled workforce of its own, attracting a large specialist workforce from surrounding areas and drawing on new talent from nearby higher education centres.  

The district has a working age population of over 33,300 and a high level of employment, over 83% which is higher than the national average. (Source: Nomis)

88% of the population hold a qualification at NVQ level and over 48% of the workforce are employed in managerial, professional and technical roles. This is higher than the regional average.  (Source: Nomis)

The location of six universities within 1 hours drive time of the district, ensures a ready pipeline of talented and innovative resource as well as access to training and development for existing staff.

Richmondshire’s excellent transport links enables businesses to access a further 1.6 million people of working age population from within a 1 hours drive time.  The district draws upon a workforce from a number of large urban conurbations from the locality including Darlington, Teesside and from within Yorkshire.  These areas specialise in a number of different sectors, offering a workforce skilled and experienced in engineering, manufacturing, logistics and health.

Businesses locating to Richmondshire can be assured that they can fulfil of all their recruitment needs with the best talent locally!