Why Richmondshire

Situated in the most northern part of Yorkshire and adjacent to the Tees Valley, County Durham and Cumbria, the district offers a desirable and cost-competitive base for business and investment opportunities. 

Richmondshire offers investors a dynamic business landscape, close proximity to supply chain opportunities within both the Tees Valley and the North East, excellent transport connectivity, a highly skilled workforce and the opportunity to provide employees with a high quality of life and the work-life balance they seek.

  • Excellent transport links via road, rail, air and port
  • A cost-competitive location with salary and office costs lower than the UK average
  • Wide range of sites and premises providing opportunities across all sectors
  • A highly skilled local workforce with an additional working age population of 1.2m within an hour’s drive time
  • A high quality of life in close proximity to the Yorkshire Dales National Park
  • A quality housing offer to suit all budgets
  • Close proximity to outstanding further education provision to support the workforce requirements of the future