Swarco Traffic

SWARCO Traffic Ltd supplies intelligent traffic solutions to local government organisations, ports and highway authorities to manage the UK’s road infrastructure.  From electronic signs on motorways and speed warning signs for villages and towns to market leading software; the focus is on making the travel experience on our roads safer, quicker, more convenient and more environmentally friendly.

As part of a worldwide, Austrian-based group of companies they can make a difference from Richmond that has impacts on road safety across the world.

The business has grown rapidly over the last few years, from winning projects on the UK’s motorway networks and becoming a sole supplier of a product assembled in Richmondshire to one of the UK’s leading traffic management companies.

SWARCO Traffic Ltd now employ 47 people at their new facility  just outside Melsonby and from here they design, test and produce a huge range of intelligent traffic solutions.


The company has been based in Richmondshire for over 30 years, growing from a small office in Richmond Town Centre to a unit on the trading estate with an assembly facility to a brand-new facility with a larger assembly and office space. From within the district, we are also able to recruit the skilled labour we require, supplying the company with a strong and balanced team.
John Pickworth, Managing Director, SWARCO Traffic Ltd

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